Small Box. Big Solution.

Introducing SMARTBOX™

A simple, low maintenance all-in-one property TV solution that reduces costs, increases performance and saves space.

Revolutionize Your TV Distribution.

SMARTBOX™ saves you space and money, while providing a single TV solution for your entire property.

Dramatic cost-savings on installation and maintenance over traditional platforms. Takes up 93% less space*. Uses 90% less power for low operation cost*. Reduces downtime with simplistic design and virtual monitoring and maintenance.


SMARTBOX™ adapts to current configurations and is always preparred for the next upgrade as technology advances.

Add to your current configuration for an optimized, long-term solution. Ready to grow with you. Increase channels, property service channels and more.

The Best User Experience.

SMARTBOX™ delivers more features, capabilities and quality picture than traditional solutions.

Up to 96 HD channels compared to the more common range of 8 to 24. Simple, user-friendly onscreen guide. Delivery mechanism for property and brand content into every unit.

Introducing Pro Telecom Solutions Your Market Leader in SMARTBOX™ Installations

Pro Telecom Solutions has more than 25 years of experience with commercial design and installation for Cable TV and Outside Plant. We are dedicated to providing best in class service. All DISH builds are pre-designed and structured within our lab prior to being installed on site. Our dedicated experts assure that each layout is properly configured and tested.

All of our extensive experience gives us an advantage when dealing with complex issues and rectifying problems created by less experienced competitors. We feel this is why we are a leader in the structured cabling industry. We strive to remain close to our client’s deadlines and budgets while consistently surpassing their expectations.

Pro Telecom Solutions has a commitment to quality standards, and best business practices. We continuously invest in the education of our staff plus upgrading and maintaining our testing equipment. We evaluate, grade and quality test every aspect of the job from start to finish to ensure we remain the premiere Atlanta structured and low voltage cabling company.

I am humbled to be part of this experienced staff that makes of Pro Telecom Solutions a robust resource providing unmatched value to the Cabling TV, OSP and structured cabling to the Atlanta Market and the Southeast Region.

Thank you for your interest in Pro Telecom Solutions as a prospective contractor for your project needs.

Best wishes,

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Margarita I. Higgins
Pro Telecom Solutions®

All-In One TV Solution For Universities and Student Housing

Free-To-Guest Technology

DISH designs entertainment systems that are fully customizable to your property. From High Definition to Standard, IP to Coax, you get a fully controllable, protected system, and your guests get the best in entertainment. It's that simple. Take a look at how we operate.

Remote Management

Today's digital and high definition services are delivered with a higher level of smart electronics requiring more sophisticated tools to manage. DISH and its partners offer a wide range of remote management platforms and tools to manage service level agreements. We can easily effect programming additions or changes and respond to service issues, making it easy to manage your property from virtually anywhere.

High-definition Systems

DISH's customizable systems leverage leading-edge technology for efficient deployment and low-cost installation. DISH's reliable systems deliver HD programming to every unit without in-room set top boxes, protecting the system from guest incidents and avoiding the service issues inherent with in-room receiver management. "DISH can deliver HD signals in a variety of encryption formats, via IP or coax, to suit the wiring configuration on any property.

Standard-definition Systems

Using a single DISH antenna to deliver a signal to a centralized distribution system, DISH standard definition systems are easy-to-deploy solutions that can be customized for any property. Take advantage of our customizable programming options to deliver quality entertainment to every room using your existing coax distribution system, without the need for individual set-top boxes.

Yes, DISH offers a wide variety of programming tailored to meet the needs of your university including Dorm Rooms, University Recreation Centers, Classrooms and University Center Lounges. Call us today at 404-242-8625 to learn more about DISH solutions for your property!
Yes, DISH offers a wide variety of bulk programming packages for your convenience. In fact, you have the ability to customize your channel lineup to reflect the varying needs and interests of your students, and it's all provided at a competitive price.
Please send a completed RFP to:

Pro Telecom Solutions
2979 Pacific Dr - Suite #C
Norcross, GA 30071

Alternately, you can also email a completed RFP to
Yes, local markets are served with DISH Business where available.
If your service has been turned off, call Dish at 1-800-454-0843 and they can take your credit card payment.
DISH offers more than 35 different bulk International language packages to Universities, with more than 20 different packages designed specifically for Classroom education. Call us today to experience the greatest variety of International programming offered today.
Yes. Based on your location, DISH may be able to provide professional installation and service directly. In some cases, we may work with one of our qualified professional Retailers or Partners to bring you the highest level of service possible. Call us today at 404-242-8625 to find out how we can build the perfect solution for your university.
We bill for programming services in advance. Your first bill from DISH will reflect the first two months of your monthly programming cost. Thereafter, DISH will bill customers on a monthly basis according to the monthly programming packages you choose. Your monthly billing cycle is based on the date you activate service. This date cannot be changed. If your payment does not reach us by the date printed on your bill, we reserve the right to charge a late fee. If your bill is exceptionally late, we reserve the right to disconnect your service.
DISH accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.
Please mail your payment to the following address:

P.O. Box 94063
Palatine, IL 60096-4063

Remember the following: Include the payment stub from your bill with your check or money order. Write your DISH account number on your check or money order. Never send cash.

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